This Is What Happened Because The Americans Didn't Get Thor First

This Is What Happened Because The Americans Didn’t Get Thor First

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The above poster is hanging on the wall, taking pride of place outside my local Vue multiplex. In the words of Mrs. Connelly “Well, I haven’t seen that before”.

We Brits have had Thor in our cinemas for five of the last six days (Monday, and then Wednesday onwards), and it isn’t out in the US until Friday. Fear of piracy is understandable.

But, of course, while these measures may have made some difference, they didn’t make enough of one. The horse has already bolted, albeit a horse that speaks Russian.

A couple of Little Bleeders have pointed out that a camcordered version of the film with Russian audio is whipping up a storm on the torrents. I wouldn’t be surprised if some people reading this have already downloaded it.

I am going to close out this post with the same sentiment I will end every post on piracy: it’s theft, it’s wrong, nobody is just entitled to watch or own whatever they want. Capitalism is rubbish and unfair, I know, but stealing is a good part of why.

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