Oscorp Is In The Amazing Spider-Man

Oscorp Is In The Amazing Spider-Man

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Geeky detail ahoy.

Some scenes for the new Spider-Man are filming at the Hearst Building, Norman Foster and Joseph Urban’s towering architectural mash-up, just up the way from Columbus Circle. It’s been lightly kitted out as Oscorp, the base of operations for Norman Osborn’s business.

It seems likely that the Curt Connors of this movie will be an employee of Oscorp, or at least receive funding from them. This opens the possibility of Norman Osborn being amongst the characters, and that opens the possibility of Osborn being recalled in sequels and perhaps adopting the alter ego of The Green Goblin.

None of this is definite of course, and even if we see an Osborn in the film, there’s no guarantee he’ll ever hop on a glider – cf. Curt Connors in the Raimi movies.

The above image was tweeted by @Claimo, a self proclaimed dork that goes by the name of Caitlin.

Meanwhile, a Superhero Hype reader has offered this description of what filming at the location involved:

They were filming interior scenes in the lobby and mezz floors. I saw plenty of Oscorp employees (all wearing security badges), a couple of police officers (no Dennis Leary) and a couple of army officers (Generals I think). Crew members (two that I saw) were wearing shirts that said ‘Amazing’ on them in the Comic font. I also asked a few people if Norman had been cast, but they claimed to know ‘nothing’.

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