Wear Your Own Tony Stark Racing Jacket - In Tony Stark's House, If You Wish

Wear Your Own Tony Stark Racing Jacket – In Tony Stark’s House, If You Wish

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Here’s a quick gift guide for the Iron Maniac in your life.*

First up, and priced relatively modestly, is a replica of Tony Stark’s racing jacket. Have a look:

Looks pretty bang on, but I don’t know how resistant it would be to electrified whips.

That’s gone on the market in the last couple of days over at Urban Collector, and has a $309.99 price tag. As I said, relatively modest pricing – relative to item two, which will set you back considerably more…

So, where to wear your Stark racing jacket? Why not at the very place Big Tony would have wardrobed it himself, his swanky sea-front pad. It seems that the location used in the movies has gone on the market at $25 million.

Without the help of digital matte paintings it may be slightly less remarkable in real life, but it’s still pretty striking.

Slightly outside of my price range, and there’s no way I’m mortgaging my DVD collection just to buy a house. And, yes, it’s been on sale for a few weeks now, and it may have found a buyer, but I can’t see any more recent record.

*You can be your own Iron Maniac. I’m still wanting to get Mrs. C to watch the films.

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