Star Wars Blu-ray Site Counting Down To May The Fourth (Of Course)

The Blu-ray debut for the Star Wars trilogy and, er, the other Star Wars trilogy is set for the Autumn, with pre-orders open now. Little is known about what the discs will contain, by way of supplements and alternative versions, and many continue to hope that the original versions of the original three pictures will be included.

It doesn’t look like we’ll have much longer to wait to see if geek dreams do sometimes come true. Lucasfilm and 20th Century Fox have launched an official Star Wars Blu-ray countdown page, tick-tocking off the seconds until 6am PST on May 4th, Star Wars day.

At the moment, the clock reads:

Oh, hang on, now it’s:

Argh! It’s changed again! Look:

Oh no! I’ve got to post another one. I can’t keep up with it:

You get the idea.

So, let’s see what’s revealed on May the Fourth. I’m hoping for about sixty hours of video documentaries, because I’m an absolute mug for that stuff.