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“How dare he not want to play ball with these large, universe-changing events!” I shouted to no one (I didn’t have a lot of friends who read comics). “The Marvel Universe is shared, if something happens in one book, it should be reflected in another,” I continued, “He needs to check his ego at the door and start doing what’s good for the Marvel Universe as a whole!” Of course, without a physical outlet for this impotent adolescent rage, I took to the internet newsgroups and boiled down my grievance into two words: PAD sux.

SeriesWatch: The Newsarama blog looks to a new Firestorm series from DC, and more.

The most obvious dangling plot thread is the new countdown before Firestorm “detonates.” Coming from out of nowhere (The Anti-Monitor changed Firestorm somehow, and started a chain reaction that only gives him 90 days to live? And that just gets mentioned in the last issue?), there’s no way that this new plot isn’t a set-up for something already planned to follow up, but where? The solicitation for a Firestorm: The Nuclear Man trade in July tends to suggest we might get a new Firestorm series to accompany the new Aquaman series – but who’s the creative team?

RoyalWatch: Nice Photoshop.

ActionComics900Watch: More press… “Superman becomes a super-rebel – and scourge of the American right” – The Independent , “Who Has Hijacked Superman and Turned Him Into a U.N. Loving, Anti-American?” – Fox News… more to come obviously.

This is Computo the Comic Link Conqueror speaking. I come for your women. But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and pieces online. One day I will rule. Until that day, read on.

Con Wars: Wizard World redoubles efforts on the Western Front, fires accountant | The Beat

Since Tokyopop all but got wiped from the map, an informal “cadaver derby” for comics publishers has sprung up in chat rooms and bars of the comics biz. One name frequently heard: Wizard. So let’s see what’s going on in the Shamus Empire, shall we?

Wares tout Marvel, NYC heroes both real, fictional – BusinessWeek

For Marvel Entertainment LLC, New York City has always been the spiritual center of its comic book creations. Now the company has put some of its marquee heroes in tandem with some of the city’s best-known landmarks and agencies for a line of clothing and merchandise.

Vertigo: Graphic Content » Blog Archive » STRANGE ADVENTURES TOC and cover reveal

Check out the issue’s Table of Contents below and here’s a first look at the cover by Paul Pope:

“All The Pretty Ponies”
Writer Lauren Beukes
Artist Inaki Miranda

“The White Room”
Writer Talia Hershewe
Artist Juan Bobillo

“Case 21”
Writer Selwyn Hinds
Artist Denys Cowan

“Postmodern Prometheus”
Writer and Artist Kevin Colden

“Ultra The Multi-Alien”
Writer and Artist Jeff Lemire

Writer and Artist Ross Campbell

Writer Peter Milligan
Artist Sylvain Savoia

“A ‘True Tale’ From Saucer Country”
Writer Paul Cornell
Artist Goran Sudzuka

Writer Brian Azzarello
Artist Eduardo Risso

Publishing, Power, and Print Purgatory: Inside the Tokyopop Rights Situation | The Comics Journal

Tokyopop will not be reverting rights back to their creators of original content, and is in discussion with certain creators regarding contract buyouts, a source told the Comics Journal this week.

Flickr: rjavier_68’s Photostream

Amazing Spider-Man shoot photos

“Mega Man” #1 Trailer – Comic Book Resources – CBR TV –

Archie Comics has released a trailer for the new “Mega Man” ongoing series by Ian Flynn and Patrick “Spaz” Spaziante. “Let the Games Begin!” Part One: The future looks bright when brilliant and benevolent Dr. Light unveils his latest creations: the Robot Masters! But when the nefarious Dr. Wily steals them for his own sinister purposes, there is no one left to stop him. No one – except Mega Man! Don’t miss the first issue of this brand new ongoing series from Archie Comics! Written by Ian Flynn with art by Patrick “Spaz” Spaziante, John Workman and Matt Herms, “Mega Man” #1 is on sale May 11, 2011. The trailer was directed by Alex Kropinak.

Dark Horse app, what’s working what’s selling | The Beat

While you can’t get sales figures from Apple, they do list a running top ten of in=app purchases for all commercial apps. Here’s the DH best sellers as of about noon today:

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