Inside Job’s Charles Ferguson To Direct One Of The Julian Assange Films

Posted by April 29, 2011 Comment

Of the many Julian Assange and Wikileaks pictures in development, one is being cooked up as a BBC/HBO co-production. The source for this particular film will be a New Yorker article from last summer, Raffi Khatchadourian‘s No Secrets, which you can read in full on their website.

The focus of No Secrets is Project B, the now infamous video filmed from the window of an Apache helicopter in Iraq, and which depicts the killing of at least eighteen people, two Reuters journalists among them, by members of the US military. It would stand to reason that this will be the focus of the film too.

Deadline report that the project has now signed Charles Ferguson, the director of Inside Job and No End in Sight, two of the most memorable, urgent and well-crafted documentaries of recent years. There’s still no green light, and no screenwriter has signed on, but Ferguson’s appointment shows definite progress.

This would be Ferguson’s first fiction work, and according to Deadline, he’s interested in moving away from docs, to fiction narratives.*

With so many Assange projects on the go, some are inevitably going to end up outclassing others. Despite the limitations of a TV schedule and budget, I’d say this one is in with a very good shot at looking serious and worthwhile against glossier competitors. I’m very curious as to where three or four strong actors all for the same role are going to be found, more or less at the same time, however. Not everybody can get Jude Law to be their Assange, obviously.

*I’m classifying “Based on truth” stuff as fiction. Because it is. It’s just fiction based on truth.

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