Wednesday Trending Topics: An X-Men First Class Exclusive, An Avengers Filming Mystery

The BC was dominated by film and tv today, what with Rich on television (again!) and an X-Men First Class trailer exclusive and Brendon unearthing a bunch of other film stories, as usual.  Also, there’s Greg Capullo Batman. Tomorrow? The world. Today… this:

Most-Read Comic Stories Today:

Greg Capullo’s First Batman And Robin Pencils

This is a close up shot of a print that Greg Capullo is creating exclusively for the upcoming Boston Comic Con, which he’ll be giving away. And it may give us a taster for what we might be expecting from his new Batman work for DC Comics.

A New Look For The Mighty Thor

As rival film makers and comic book publishers have discovered over the years, it’s very hard to copyright Thor as a comics character. And while Marvel have got a big blockbuster of a movie coming out featuring the Norse God Of Thunder, so there have been a number of look-alikeys around.

Death Of Nightcrawler To Benefit Japan

Mike Choi is auctioning the entire original artwork for X-Force #26, the issue in which Nightcrawler karked it, for sale on eBay to benefit the Red Cross. 23 pages long, it’s currently at around $700 which is an insane bargain, though I don’t expect it to stay that low for long.

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today:

Exclusive: X-Men First Class International Trailer

We know there’s been an American trailer recently released. And this is similar, certainly. But it also has footage you haven’t seen anywhere else. I’ll let Brendon tell you what – and why it’s important – in an upcoming post.

Red Band Trailer For Bridesmaids Plays Dirty

Just like I promised, here’s a Red Band trailer for Bridesmaids. Probably not safe for your work place, just fine at mine. I can keep you posted on job openings, if you’d like.

Avengers Movie To Feature Mysterious Hula-Hoop Kid? (UPDATE)

Hoyts is a large Australian cinema chain, the second largest on the continent, with 450 screens spread across Australia and New Zealand, and dominating the Australian cinema advertising market.

Most-Clicked Pics Today:

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