Latest Transformers Trailer Is Also The Greatest

Posted by April 28, 2011 Comment

The new trailer for Transformers: Dark of the Moon downplays Shia LaBeouf somewhat, keeping him more or less sidelined for over a minute and then giving plenty of hero shots to the supporting cast. It also features a bit where Yellow Carbot (I think he’s called Bumblebee, right?) transmorphs from car to robot, does a bit of parkour and plucks a CG version of LaBeouf out of the sky.

Except it’s not exactly the most clear bit of choreography, either for the computer toons or the camera, and Carbot grabs CG LaBeouf almost as soon as you can see he’s falling in the first place. Keep ’em peeled and you’ll see what I mean.

Anyway. It’s easily my favourite Transformers trailer yet, for the entire franchise. The giant skyscraper worms probably had something to do with it.*

See the trailer in HD at Apple.

*This doesn’t translate into me actually thinking I’ll ever find a Michael Bay film satisfying. That still seems very unlikely.

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