Jeremy Renner Developing A Biopic Of Steve McQueen, Intends To Star

Jeremy Renner Developing A Biopic Of Steve McQueen, Intends To Star

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In between signing on to every franchise going, Jeremy Renner has somehow found the ink to draw up and launch a new production company. They’ve started development on a pretty high-profile picture, engaging The Yards‘ James Gray to write a biopic of Steve McQueen.

Back in 2007, McQueen’s widow, Barbara Minty McQueen, said that she would like Daniel Craig to star as McQueen in any biopic. Renner would be the more appropriate age now, however.

James Gray is writing the screenplay yet he’s not attached to direct, with commerical and music video director Ivan Zacharias primed to make his feature debut on the project. Here’s an Diet Coke ad by the director which blends behind-the-scenes-at-Hollywood with action choreography, yet hopefully in a somewhat more goofy fashion than he’d ever dare stage a biopic of McQueen.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Gray’s script will based upon a pair of biographies by Marshall Terrill, Portrait of an American Rebel and The Life and Legend of a Hollywood Icon. I’ve not read either, but I know enough about McQueen’s life to be intrigued by the story.

A couple of years back, other producers were adapting Portrait into a film with Brad Pitt alleged to be the top choice for McQueen. I’d assume that’s now fallen by the wayside.

Now… who would make a good Ally McGraw for Renner’s McQueen? Maybe Isabel Lucas in brunette mode?

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