Futurama Voice Talent Coming To MCM In May

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I refuse to start this post with the words “Good news everyone!” – just so you know.

The MCM Expo will next month play host to a handful of voice stars from Futurama. Between them they’ve provided the vocal personification for an amazing proportion of the characters above. I do really love this show, I have to say. It’s not exactly consistent, I’ll admit that, but at its best, it’s profound.

Here’s an excerpt from the MCM Press Release, revealing who I’ll be able to “hug mug” at the end of May:

The brilliant BILLY WEST (Philip J. Fry, The Professor, Dr. Zoidberg, Zapp Brannigan); PHIL LAMARR (Hermes Conrad); LAUREN TOM (Amy Wong) and MAURICE LA MARCHE (Kif Kroker) will be taking to the stage at the UK’s biggest pop culture event next month to discuss all things FUTURAMA, as well as meeting fans and signing autographs.

What no John DiMaggio? Can’t have everything, I guess. Even still, I refuse to end this post with the words “Bite my shiny metal ass.”

No way. Too cliche.

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