Exclusive Cars 2 Concept Art Reveals A Right Royal Round-Up, New TV Spot

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Cars 2 is obviously quite the epic, with a massive number of characters, running around on a truly international stage and is reputed to have the biggest and most elaborate action set-pieces in Pixar’s history. It’s an amazing reinvention of the Cars series, taking the characters screeching off in an enitrely new direction.

I’m looking forward to the film a great deal, and such, I’m very happy to premiere a new piece of concept art this afternoon. This painting was created by artist Jason Merck, and what we see here is the Cars universe’s Queen of England and her entourage in the “Knighting Room”. Who’s going to get knighted, I wonder?

UPDATE: And a new TV Spot released by Disney in the Netherlands actually seems to answer that question.

Kind of timely in view of tomorrow’s big launch party for Rich’s comic, don’t you think?

The Pixar design team have gone further and redesigned London landmarks for the movie in a Cars style. Take a look at the New House of Parliament and, to the right of the building, Big Bentley. This was previously released, but it seems like an apt addition.

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