Behind The Scenes With Archer, Purveyor Of Salty Espionage

Sometimes, the little electronic press kits made to promote – or more properly, help people like me to promote – new films and TV shows yield items of specific interest. In the case of Archer, the rather adult-toned spy-spoof cartoon that’s just about to hit DVD in the UK, there was one short video that caught my attention.

And here it is. The thing is, it was really hard to download, and reupload, and try as I might, I can’t get YouTube to offer it in the correct aspect ratio. But it is interesting, indicating the work done for what appears to be a rather cleanly styled series.


There’s more where this came from, too, with the first season DVD set apparently offering a full “making of”. I’m greedy for supplements like this, and I’m actually looking forward to seeing the whole thing. I could have just shared a clip with you, or passed on it all together, but I was quite intrigued to see how Archer comes about, and only wish I could have made the clip look nicer.

Here’s a trailer for the DVD set in full. It’s in the correct aspect ratio. It’s at a good resolution.