The Hulk Has "Memorable" Dialogue In The Avengers

The Hulk Has “Memorable” Dialogue In The Avengers

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Some Hulks speak, some Hulks don’t.* So which will Mark Ruffalo be playing in The Avengers?

The Chatty Cathy kind, of course. This is a Joss Whedon joint. Indeed, according to Ruffalo, we’ll “love” the Hulk’s lines and “one of them is actually very memorable”.

Here’s MTV’s interview in which Ruffalo makes this promise.

So we’ve got a performance captured Hulk with Rufffalo’s features (just exagerrated and, you know, green), a little bit of body hair and a nice line in pithy zingers. Fair enough.

*Some Hulks need a lot of lovin’ and some Hulks don’t. Well, I know I’ve got the fever but I don’t know why. Some say they will and some Hulks lie.

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