So Has Bill Murray Finally Commited To Ghostbusters 3? Maybe So…

Posted by April 27, 2011 Comment

In an article about scribes Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg, Deadline have just tossed aside the biggest, most surprising bit of casting news of the night, if not the week. They say:

Ghostbusters 3… seems to be finally coming together with Bill Murray recently committing to return.

Or rather, they said. Because the article has since been edited to read:

Ghostbusters 3… which hinges on Bill Murray committing to return.

Now, where did this original claim come from? And why did it disappear? I don’t think Nellie Andreeva, the author of the post, just made it up. And we do know Deadline will play tactical games, especially in order to guarantee further content.

Mysterious. Do note that the second version doesn’t say that Bill Murray hasn’t committed. They haven’t gone that far. Caginesabounds.

Here’s a screen capture of the original text as it appeared in my RSS reader:

We’re reaching out to Bill Murray’s people for comment. It’s a long reach, but we’re trying.

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