What The Secret Door Hoaxer Did Next (Spoiler: More Rubbish, But Often Funny)

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A false story swept the blogosphere a few days ago, rooted in a hoax tweet. Somebody had built a twitter account that looked like it belonged to American Zoetrope, Francis Ford Coppola’s production company. It didn’t. They tweeted that Sofia Coppola is set to reteam with Kirsten Dunst for a project called Secret Door. She isn’t.

And then, the story collapsed as quickly as it sprang into life, and in much the same way. Just like my Twitter timeline was filled with people alerting me to the original tweet, it sprung to life again, this time energised by people telling me that we’d all been stitched up.

But who started this account? And why? And why are they still maintaining the pretense?

Since the original Secret Door tweet, the mystery tweeter has changed their account name a series of times. Instead of referring to American Zoetrope, they’re now cutting to the chase and calling themselves SofCoppola. For a moment they appeared to out themselves with the account name SofCoppolaFans but it didn’t last long.

Incidentally, SofCoppola introduces herself as:

Mommy, Star Wars nerd, Fashionista, and filmmaker.

Seemingly wanting to corroborate their initial claim, to no end I can fathom, the first bit of intended verisimilitude that the tweeter offered up was a section from the supposed Secret Door script. Here’s a manageable excerpt of that risible excerpt.

Luna Claire? Luna C, sure. Sheer Luna C. That just isn’t the right flavour of vainglorious twaddle at all.

Next up was a comical assertion, in the character of Ms. Coppola, that her call for “best film of the year so far” is Source Code. That interlude gave way to more on Secret Door, and the promise of a “special press announcement in 1 week”.

Another interlude followed, and it’s such an amusing one, I want to quote it verbatim:

Who wants CUPCAKES?! :)

Just imagine Sofia Coppola typing that into twitter for a moment. Brilliant. I’ll admit, it was the good chuckle I got from this tweet in particular which convinced me to write this post.

And then we were back on topic with a special, Secret Door-related link. “Sofia” wants us to know that she’s going to be using Ennio Morricone for the film’s theme tune, and sent us off to a YouTube video:

And finally, a predictably Google-baiting bit of Secret Door casting, which is so obviously, hilariously daft that it pretty much tips this over from hoax to parody:

Today I have spoken to Robert Pattinson about joining the cast of Secret Door. More info coming soon!

So now we’re up to date with the strange case of the Secret Door tweeter, though I’m not sure I understand them any better. I can’t even guess what motivation they might have.

I guess it makes a change from updating Wikipedia pages in order to start spurious rumours of celebrity death by freak canoeing accident, and it’s definitely more interesting than Coppola’s last film, Somewhere.

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