Trailer For Anna Faris And Chris Evans Comedy From Director Of Royle Family And Shameless

The resume of director Mark Mylod is sparkling with TV gems from the first episodes of The Royle Family and Shameless, through to a turn with The United States of Tara. Meanwhile, it’s also been smattered with a couple of not-quite-there movies, Ali G Indahouse and The Big White – a pair of films I enjoyed, sure, but certainly don’t feel in any hurry to watch again.

So, better luck next time, Mr. Mylod. Third time’s the charm, and all that.

The first trailer for What’s Your Number? has appeared on YouTube (with thanks to Empire for the link). This is the film I first wrote about when showing you some bare bums and other bits and bobs last year, so you may well remember it (I know what you’re like, as a group, and have the stats to back me up).

The trailer itself can fill you in on the other salient points, of course.


Anna Faris is always worth the effort, I think, and I know that Chris Evans has his fans too, though I remain agnostic. I’m sure I can come round – I did with Ryan Reynolds.

What’s Your Number? is scheduled for a UK release at the beginning of next year.