Justin Rhodes Writing Brat Pack Movie (Not That Brat Pack, This Brat Pack)

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Rick Veitch‘s Brat Pack comics are on their way to the multiplex, and a writer has just been signed to deliver a screenplay. According to the tracking boards, the job has gone to Justin Rhodes, writer-director of Contract Killers.

Contract Killers, eh? Let’s have a look at the trailer for that. We’ll call it Exhibit A:

Okay, more encouragingly, he’s also co-written Grassroots, the new film from Stephen “The Daddy” Gyllenhaal, a political satire starring Jason Biggs, Joel David Moore and Cobie Smulders. There’s no trailer yet, but this video from the production is informative and interesting, and contains some footage.


Much better. That’s actually looking rather promising – and it’s nice to have Gyllenhaal back making real films about real things. Paris Trout, A Dangerous Woman and Waterland all made quite an impact on me.

Now. Back to Rhodes and his new gig. Here’s the plot blurb for the Brat Pack film that’s being bandied about:

The Black October Superheroes are costumed vigilantes that guard the citizens of Slumberg, PA with an iron fist. When their teenage sidekicks (the eponymous “Brat Pack”) are murdered by the evil Doctor Blasphemy, the Supers recruit a new team of wunderkinds. It is not long, however, before the cadets discover the dark side of super: if they want to save the city, they must first save themselves.

It doesn’t quite get the sharpness across. Here’s hoping Mr. Rhodes does.

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