First Trailer For The Immortals – UPDATED With Better Quality

Posted by April 26, 2011 Comment

From ET, presumably aired LN, comes our first look at footage from Tarsem’s The Immortals, starring a pre-Superman Henry Cavill.

The director appears to have eschewed the hand-made, tactile look of The Fall and the intricate, if not fiddly, detailing of The Cell for something a bit more… well, 300.

This is just a cammed-off-the-telly bootleg. I’m curious to see if the imminent HD unveiling effects the apparent style at all – it could certainly have some a strong bearing on the apparent saturation and detail levels.

UPDATE: E Online have a better quality version. As it autoplays, and has an ad first, I’m not embedding it here.

The speed-ramping isn’t going to go away in an official trailer release, however, and that’s the real “Style Theft!” klaxon here.

I think I preferred the look of this from the posters. Let’s see what way the needle swings with the next marketing move.

(Last Updated April 26, 2011 5:30 pm )

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