Avengers Movie To Feature Mysterious Hula-Hoop Kid? (UPDATE)

Posted by April 26, 2011 Comment

Hoyts is a large Australian cinema chain, the second largest on the continent, with 450 screens spread across Australia and New Zealand, and dominating the Australian cinema advertising market.

But their website listing for the upcoming Avengers movie for next year, is a little odd. Here’s the listing.

Who the hell is The Hula-Hoop Kid? A mysterious guest star? A new character created for the film? Or, more likely, something going really wrong with the listing for the movie?

But I’m intrigued now. Was the kid in question bitten by a radioactive hula hoop? Can he take the shape of a hula hoop? Or maybe he can spin them really fast and accuartely so he can capture bad guys. Bad guys who can’t break through plastic hula hoops that is.

Let’s count the minutes until Hoyts make the amend. Or until they decide that it’s just too darm amusing to get rid off.

You know, for kids.

Why not draw your version of the character and post it in the comments…

UPDATE: And… they noticed. Now amended to “The Hulk”. I wonder who the joker was?

(Last Updated April 27, 2011 1:28 am )

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