"Spider-Man" Musical And "Charlie Sheen" Set For Law And Order: Criminal Intent

“Spider-Man” Musical And “Charlie Sheen” Set For Law And Order: Criminal Intent

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The contexts, if not exactly plots, of two upcoming episodes of Law and Order: Criminal Intent have been ripped screaming from the gossip columns. Both sound like potential car-crash viewing, worth at least a quick whiz-through on the DVR.

First up, it seems that Jay Mohr is to make a guest appearance for one story line, playing what amounts to a proxy for Charlie Sheen, up to his bloodshot eyeballs in coke and hookers. At least that’s how TV Line are reading it, though it seems a bit too loose to me. Maybe they’ll give this “Nyle Brite” character lots of catchphrases of his own to hammer the similarities home. “Lion blood!”, “Druid!”, etc.

Less vague are the parallels to Julie Taymor and U2‘s Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark being woven into another episode. Again, I’ll turn to TV Line for the specifics, summarised here:

  • The plot revolves around stunt-packed Broadway show, amusingly titled Icarus
  • It has a female director that casting notes have described as “high-strung and larger-than-life”
  • The music for the show is composed by one “Arno”, a rock star hiding his bisexuality and cheating in his wife with a colleague (I’m hoping it’s an Edge stand-in called something like Ledge or Cliff)
  • A performer on the show is killed by a botched stunt

It’s sounding rather crass, and it’s certainly unkind… but could it also be hilarious?

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