Easter Monday Runaround – A Catwoman For The Ages

Easter Monday Runaround – A Catwoman For The Ages

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NewYorkWatch: At the School Of Visual Arts on April 28th, 7pm, Jerry Robinson talks about his life and work.

CatwomanWatch: Catwoman as an inkblot of the age.

We can make a simple comparison of the merchandise dating from Denny O’Neil’s day as Bat editor, where it seemed to be a mandate that her features be distorted by a hostile snarl, to the turning point when a Japanese company, Yamoto Toys, released a limited edition figurine based on manga artist Kia Asamiya’s design.  The sexy come-hither pose and naughty grin sold out in days in many U.S. comic shops and was voted Sexiest Batman-related Action Figure by Wizard’s Toy Fare magazine

PrizeWatch: The LA Times continues running through the finalists for its Graphic Novel literary prize. New up is Karl Stevens’ The Lodger.

RealJournalismWatch: The Independent newspaper seems to think that Transformers and Conan are Marvel comics films.

StoreWatch: All Star Comics And Games, in El Paso, celebrates twenty-five years.

Wilson remembers what some people thought when he opened Allstar Comics & Games on April 1, 1986.

“It is easy to remember because it was April Fool’s Day,” he said. “And that is what people told me — that I was a fool.”

StoreWatch2: While Frank’s Hobby Store in Cleveland is remembered;

What kind of comics did old Frank have? I bought three Brave & The Bold trial issues of the Justice League of America for a nickel apiece. They were nowhere in mint condition, but certainly worth more than 5 cents apiece. Later I bought one old issue of the Justice Society of America from the 1940s for 40 cents.

This is Computo the Comic Link Conqueror speaking. I come for your women. But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and pieces online. One day I will rule. Until that day, read on.

ICv2 – Richardson Explains Dark Horse Layoffs

Richardson put more emphasis on the state of the overall economy than on events in the comic book sector, telling ICv2: “These are tough times. They continue to say that the economy is rebounding, but if you really go out there and talk to people in business, it doesn’t feel like it’s rebounding. So the economy’s tough, and it’s a tough market for books with digital coming in—we’ve spent a lot of time and effort to create a really good experience for those who want to read our books digitally, so that’s been an expense, and we’re finally about to see some payback for that we would hope, we have 300 books ready to go. But digital is having an effect.

comiXology Joins Stan Lee and Other Comic Book Creators for Japan Benefit Graphic Novel – comiXology – pitchengine.com

Comic book veterans such as Stan Lee and other industry superstars have joined forces to help raise money for Japan in a book appropriately titled – JAPAN NEEDS HEROES. Now, even the comic book distribution system has joined in this crusade.

When Steve Rude Was Making Comics in the 80’s on Vimeo

Here veteran artist Steve Rude recounts his early days breaking into the comics industry.

Delta Air Lines’ superhero stewardess uniform unveiled | TERMINAL U | Air Travel News

A “superhero stewardess” uniform, made entirely out of bits of Delta Air Lines scrap, is among the eye-popping pieces of eco-fashion gracing an exhibition at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport.

Marvel’s Next Step: Disneyland – Movies News at IGN

“The notion of walking into a theme park and going into Asgard or the X-Mansion—Disney does this better than anyone. That is why I’ve gone to Disney parks multiple times every year for my whole life. It’s that next step in fully immersive storytelling, whether it’s a dark ride, a stunt show, or a thrill ride. The options are endless when it comes to how Imagineers can turn our characters, our adventures, and our films into amazing experiences.”

New Releases 4/27

This file is posted for new products scheduled to ship to comic shops on 4/27/2011 which include Doctor Solar: Man Of The Atom #6, Action Comics #900, Batman Incorporated #5, Flash #11, Spike Volume 1 HC, Morning Glories #9, Age of X Universe #2, Mighty Thor #1, and more.

Where Whimsy Reigns Supreme: Sakura-Con 2011 – Timothy Siegel – Market Descartes – Forbes

I am just back from Sakura-Con (cherry blossom convention) 2011 at the Washington State Convention Center in downtown Seattle. I must say that it is quite a well‑attended (19,000+) and elaborate event. This represents very rapid growth from the first Sakura-Con, then termed baka!-con (idiot convention), which attracted 313 attendees to the Double Tree in, in the Seattle Suburb of Tukwila in 1998.

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