Kirsten Dunst And Sofia Coppola Reteaming For Secret Door

Kirsten Dunst And Sofia Coppola Reteaming For Secret Door

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UPDATE: This is nothing more than a hoax, perpetrated by goofballs on Twitter. Have I learned to disregard non-authorised accounts, finally? Probably not.

In what will mark their third feature film together, Kirsten Dunst has agreed to star in Sofia Coppola‘s still-being-scripted* movie, Secret Door. This is per the twitter account of American Zoetrope, Coppola Sr.’s production company:

Happy to announce that Kirsten Dunst has agreed to be in Sofia Coppola’s new film ‘Secret Door’. Script is still being finished. Stay tuned!

See. Almost exactly what I said – just with slightly less counting and slightly more exclamation marks.

The title Secret Door doesn’t offer too many clues as to what the film might be, or be about. The only unmade Sofia Coppola film I’m aware of at all was a vampire yarn, apparently banjaxed by the success of the Twilight series. Maybe that suits the title, but I can’t imagine she’d have resurrected that project now, and with Dunst brining Interview With the Vampire baggage too?

No. This will almost certainly be something new. And if Coppola’s previous films are anything to go by, something ponderous, poised and very probably self-regarding.

*The script for Somewhere came in at 44 pages. Make your own “Won’t take long” jokes.

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