One More Smoke…

One More Smoke…

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When Joe Quesada became Editor-In-Chief, one of his edicts was to stop characters from smoking. His father had died of lung cancer, he didn’t want to encourage imitative behaviour in children. Initially restricted to asking editorial not to have main character smoke, then to artists asking them from refraining from using cigarettes as a prop, it eventually became a house rule. No More Cigarettes.

Having characters tipping the intensines out of each other was okay though, and it did leave some scenes in the likes of Wolverine: Enemy Of The State looking peculiar with Wolverine, teeth apart chomping on a digitally removed stogie, after John Romita Jr just couldn’t help himself.

But Joe Quesada has moved up in the company now, he is no longer Editor-In-Chief, that’s Axel Alonso’s job.

And in a new preview for Age Of X: Universe #2 out next week, we see something on the first page we haven’t seen in a Marvel universe title for a while…

Admittedly, any puffs are taken off screen and the smoker in question is instantly garotted, but could this be a small step back to Marvel portraying tobacco use on panel?

Or will it vanish in a puff of… you know?

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