Artists! The American Library Association Wants You!

The American Library Association, the world's largest library conference, is doing something new for their national conference from June 24th to the 27th in New Orleans. They're hosting an Artists Alley.

Usually reserved for the comic convention, this involves a series of tables, each with an artist showing their work, sketching, signing, talking, networking, taking commissions, selling prints and ashcans full of their work. Or, in Rob Granito's case, other people's work.

Well, as the graphic novel has grown in stature at every library on the planet, the ALA is growing their Graphic Novel Pavilion space and n artist's alley is just the way they've chosen to do it. As a place for liobrarians to understand more about the medium, the process behind it and to get some recognition for the names of the people listed on the spines. And maybe get a commission of Harry Potter reading a book, or some such.

You'll get one skirted table, two chairs, carpet, back drape and an identification sign which is more than some shows do.

You can use this PDF form to reserve space. More information can be found here.

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