Tuesday Trending Topics: When The Joker Smacked John Blake

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Time and again, one man has played the same mocking part on this stage of life… that arch-fiend of laughter, that master clown… the Joker! Now, the crime clown steps out of his role, dons the mask of tragedy, and stalks before footlights to make people cry! But those twin sentinels of the law… Batman and his young aide Robin… ever alert to the grim jester’s madcap pranks… take their cue and make their dynamic entrance from the wings in time to steal the show in this… “Comedy of Tears!”

Or something like that. But that was 1942. This is today:

Most-Read Comic Posts Today:

Pajamas To Give You Marvel Women Physiques

So we know that the female physiques commonly sported by Marvel superheroines are nigh-on impossible to acheive by anyone who wasn’t bidden by a radioactive Size Zero supermodel and some silicone injections on top. But that’s okay, lucky ladies, these official Marvel merchandise solves that problem. With a design that takes inches (and a couple of ribs) off each side, squeezing that waist in and emphasising breast size, all with a few lines of printed ink!

Get Ready For A Legion Misprint Speculator Hunt

However it appears that the chapters of the book have been printed in the wrong order. So retailers have been asked by DC to destroy them, in the knowledge that replacement copies will arrive on May 10th for sale on May 11th.

Swipe File: Astonishing X-Men 1 Vs X-Men: First Class

There’s something here isn;t there? From Astonishing X-Men #1

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today:

Elisabeth Sladen – Sarah Jane Smith – Dies Aged 63

The actress Elisabeth Sladen, who found fame in the seventies playing opposite Jon Pertwee and then Tom Baker in Doctor Who, died from cancer, earlier today.

The Dark Knight Rises Plot Thickens: Batman’s First Encounter With John Blake Revealed

We’ve gone to back of the Bleeding Cool vault to find, for you, what we believe to Batman’s first ever encounter with Blake, from the comics. And here it is:

After The Avengers? Kevin Feige Spills On Marvel’s Plans

The best information we’ve been given so far comes right from the horse’s mouth. Kevin Feige has given an interview with D23, the Disney fanzine, and laid out what he sees as the next moves in the Marvel playbook:

Most-Clicked Pics Today:

This week on #comicmarket

A quick hit on comicmarket today as I’m running a bit behind due to an office power outage earlier tonite.  #comicmarket is an ongoing but mostly tuesday twitter hashtag for comic retailers, pros, and interested fans. Among this week’s best-received books by the retailers who have already seen ’em are Super Dinosaur #1 and Dark Horse Presents #1.  I see Rich has reviews of both of those queued up for the morning so you’ll see that soon. And as Rich has been saying recently, retailers are definitely on the lookout for new Image launches these days as the company has been picking up momentum in the wake of the Walking Dead monster.

I’m gonna retire the #comicmarket word cloud this week as I just don’t think it’s telling us all that much on a weekly basis. I’ll talk to the rest of the regular crew there later in the week to see what else might be cooked up for this space, so stay tuned.

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