Tangled Getting A Spin-Off Short Film

Anything Pixar can do, Disney can do… too. As with the Toy Story Shorts and Cars Toons, there's to be a spin-off short film that revisits the world of Tangled.

The directors of the feature, Nathan Greno and Byron Howard, are the minds behind the short, though it isn't entirely clear if they'll be seeing it through all the way to the screen or if another director will step in – they do have a feature film to keep plugging away at, after all. Here's Greno:

This is kind of new information that we haven't really told the press yet, but the studio has asked us to do a Tangled short. Based on the success of the film, they want to see more of the characters. We have come up with a story for a short that we believe is great and really funny.

Again, it's kind of a big action short. It's all the stuff you loved from the movie kind of packed into this little five- or six-minute short. It's going to be a good time. Maximus, Pascal and everybody, they are all back.

He was speaking to The Waterdown Daily Times, the link courtesy of Seppe at Animate.

It's an interesting idea, I loved Tangled and I'm always glad to see more shorts. The only worry, I suppose, is that Disney Pixar are now working on any number of spin-offs that key into their popular features, while a series of original, standalone shorts, like Glago's Quest and Tick Tock Tale sit on the shelf.

And what about future shorts development? Is there even a single original short project getting worked up anywhere in the whole double-headed studio? I do hope so.