Get Ready For A Legion Misprint Speculator Hunt

Today, retailers will receive their comics that will be on sale tomorrow, from Diamond Comics Distributors.

One of the comics they’ll receive is DC Comics Presents: Legion Of Super-Heroes: Legion Of The Damned #1, reprinting Legionnaires #78 and #79, and Legion Of Super-Heroes #123 and #124 that lead into the Legion Lost hardcover.

However it appears that the chapters of the book have been printed in the wrong order. So retailers have been asked by DC to destroy them, in the knowledge that replacement copies will arrive on May 10th for sale on May 11th.

Will there be any other difference? Yes. The new version will have a white Legion logo. The to-be-pulped copies… won’t.

You should see the price for the meant-to-be-pulped copies of Phonogram #5 go for, just because the barcode was wrong. What will they do for a new logo?

Let’s find out…

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