First Images From Alex De La Iglesia's Spark Of Life, A Very, Very Black Comedy

Alex de la Iglesia's The Spark of Life is one of my most keenly anticipated films of the year, alongside his previous film, The Last Circus. I guess this means "he's back" for me. While I can still remember, intellectually, how crushing The Oxford Murders turned out to be, I can't feel it in my gut any more. Healing happens.

Here's the set up for The Spark of Life we ran previously:

A once whiz-kid publicist now out of work for three years. His luck finally appears to take a turn for the better when he accidentally takes a fall and impales his head on a small metal bar in a Roman Amphitheater.

Conscious but unable to be moved, surrounded by TV crews, a publicity-craving mayor and an impromptu agent, he sees a chance to monetize his fate through an exclusive primetime death's door interview, saving his family, led by his loving wife, from financial ruin.

Jose Mota and Salma Hayek have the lead roles.

The official site for the film appears to have just launched, with a wave of images and behind the scenes videos. Here are a few of my favourites.

It's a great little logotype they have there, tapping beautifully into the themes of the story. Love it.