Finally: Seth Gordon And Allan Loeb’s Only Living Boy In New York Moving Ahead, Logan Lerman To Star

When I first blogged about The Only Living Boy in New York, Logan Lerman would have been about thirteen years old. Now, he’s been tapped to star in the lead role, playing an older teenager who embarks on an affair with his father’s mistress.

Lerman, should you not recall, was a potential Spider-Man in the last casting go round, and starred as Percy Jackson in Chris Columbus’ Lightning Thief movie.

It was this script that first made me sit up and pay attention to writer Allan Loeb. Sadly, a lot of his writing since then has been scrunched up somewhat on the way to the screen – see The Dilemma and The Switch – but with director Seth Gordon, and producers Ron Yerxa and Albert Berger, I would hope he’s found some genuine allies and Boy is going to come to life as it deserves to.

Gordon was also attached to direct way back when. He’d then recently made a splash with King of Kong, and hadn’t hit the creative speedbumps that were Vince Vaughn and Four Christmases. His new film, Horrible Bosses, is apparently coming together very well indeed, and we can expect him to once again be a hot property. Glad that he’s using this momentum to get Boy going.

I’m going to have to dig out my copy of the Boy script from the back of the cupboard now, and have another read. If it stands up to my memories of the first time, I’m in for a great hour or so.