Gio Spinella And The Politics Of Comics

Last year I was pleased to uncover the secret political career path of Nick Spencer before he skipped Cincinnatti for New York to write comic books.

Well, the Camden New Journal has done the opposite, uncovering the secret comic book backstory of Conservative councillor Gio Spinella. Oh and they do have fun with it.

In Atrox, four short stories scripted by Cllr Spinella, a love-torn man scalpels out the eyeballs of his lover’s friends and relatives in a manic display of devotion.

Another is called Love Alien Sex, a sci-fi, carnal comedy.

But it is the blueprint of Cllr Spinella’s latest idea which really shows the power of his imagination. His “what if” alternative history has Mosley, the leader of the British Union of Fascists in the 1930s, in charge of pre-war Britain.

In a rush of drama, first Winston Churchill tries to shoot him – but fails. As the war hero PM is carted off accused of betrayal, Wallis Simpson, the American socialite King Edward VIII gave up the throne for, bursts in and blasts Mosley to death.

What is it about Conservatives and sex and violence, eh? I don’t know. Here’s a scene from another of Gio’s comics…

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