New Terminator Has Been Discussed By Schwarzenegger And Director Justin Lin

I’ve been paying pretty close attention to the career of director Justin Lin, partly because he’s traced such a surprising trajectory. As well as directing a couple of Fast & Furious sequels, including the upcoming Fast Five, he’s also the man behind Finishing the Game: The Search for a New Bruce Lee, and has turned out several episodes of Community. For a while he was developing a remake of Oldboy, and most recently, he’s been touted as a new director for the Terminator franchise.

In a new interview with the Brazillian site Omelete, Lin has revealed just how far his involvement with the Terminator has come already:

The Terminator was one of my favorite movies on youth and have an idea [for the series] I’d love to see happen. I’ve talked to Arnold [Schwarzenegger], let’s see … I’d love to do, but it must be with the right people and in certain circumstances. At the same time have more options today than there was one or two years. When you get home, I’ll sit and study these options before choosing.

Yep, that’s one of those English to Brazillian to English translations I love so much about reading Omelete.

As if he could turn down The Terminator. Nobody who accepts Fast Five turns down The Terminator.