The Worthy Revealed #3 – (Fear Itself SPOILERS)

The Worthy Revealed #3 – (Fear Itself SPOILERS)

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Marvel asked Who Are The Worthy? Well, since you put it nicely…

Today Bleeding Cool has been showing a few images featuring The Worthy , characters turned into subjects of Skadi and the Fear God in Marvel’s Fear Itself series that are rather good at revealing who is who and what they’re looking like. Some you have seen in thumbnails, some you have seen with bits hidden, some of these are brand new. And we’ll definitely name the characters who have been transformed. If you want to avoid Fear Itself spoilers, you want to avoid this article. You have been warned.

First up, this character has been mistaken for Speedball/Penance. Well it’s not him. Instead it’s the villain Grey Gargoyle.

Then we have a before image, for Atlantis’ own bad boy Attuma…

And after. Looks like he’ll be the member of the Worthy who attacks in the renamed Fear Itself: The Deep, now Fear Itself: The Defenders.

And finally, a human with a long experience with the Asgardians, and indeed Secret Wars, The Absorbing Man. Before…

And after.

Good use of a hammer chain there.

Okay folks, that’s all we have. For now…

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