L’Association General Meeting Stages A Coup

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Yesterday in Paris, members of alternative French comics publisher L’Association held their’ General Meeting. With many accusations held against founder and current head of the publisher Jean-Christophe Menu over redundancies, losing a distributor, a reduced publishing plan and falling sales, often by other founders of the company.

All sorts of people have voting rights in the company including employees, ex-employees and friends of the publisher. Only in France.

Basically Menu wanted to appoint a new Board of Directors for the company, while the other six founders wanted to be board members alongside Menu.

It’s been quite a fight and much went on behind the scenes to prevent any fisticuffs breaking out in the meeting. It’s been tricky, there had been many attempts at reconcilliation in the previous months but to no avail.

Even a recent L’Association exhibition celebrating twenty years of the publisher, had one of the founders’ work, save for Menu’s.

The founders presented a board membership proposal of David B, Killoffer, Mattt Konture, JC  Menu, Mokeït, Stanislaus and Lewis Trondheim. JC Menu proposed a list that included Etienne Robial, Guillaume Dégé, Stéphane Distinguin, Zab Chipotm Patricia Perdrizet, Dominique Radrizzani, Laetitia Zuccarelli and himself.

There was some disquiet as to whether the founder’s proposal was legitimate, but JC Menu eventually accepted that both lists should be voted on.

Before then changing his mind after the vote and saying only his list should be voted on.

You can imagine the reaction.

In the end, this decision was partially reversed again, with all present voting on their top seven candidates, the results of which reflected the founders list exactly.

Only in France. What happened now, that’s the real battle. Well, at least JC Menu and Killoffer can share a drink together after all that…

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