Federico Zampaglione And Exploitation Legend Dardano Sacchetti Collaborating On Tulpa

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Depending on who you ask, Tulpa will be the second or third feature film directed by Federico Zampaglione. This seems to be a similar situation to the one in which Mark Romanek’s “debut” is considered to be One Hour Photo and not Static – an imaginary divide between “proper” films and “improper” films, maybe?

Zampaglione’s collaborator on the Tulpa screenplay is Dardano Sacchetti. Several of Sacchetti’s previous films live on my shelves, including Lucio Fulci’s The Beyond, Enzo G. Castellari’s 1990: Bronx Warriors and Dario Argento’s Cat O’Nine Tales. You can see the director and writer above.

Here’s how Zampaglione is pitching Tulpa‘s premise:

Tulpa is a term which comes from Tibetan Buddhism. It’s a kind of projection of your metaphysical part, which, through meditation, can become real. But sometimes tulpa goes the wrong way and turns unto an evil presence… which then wants to kill its creator. It’s mysterious and creepy stuff.

The film will shoot in North Africa and, as you might expect, Rome. Zampaglione’s last feature, Shadow, will open in the UK on April 29th. He’ll be at The Empire Leicester Square after the first screening to do a Q&A.

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