The Death Of Spider-Man Is Upon Us

Some readers have been curious as to just how the current Ultimate arc, The Death Of Spider-Man will, in anyway, involve, well, the death of Spider-Man as both titles Ultimate Comics Spider-Man and Ultimate Comics Avengers Vs New Ultimates, don't seem to have that much of a connection.

I understand that both books, Ultimate Comics Avengers vs New Ultimates #3 and Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #157 shipping this week will answer that query, as the covers seem to point to, but that something very specific about the books may prove a bit of a comics reader and a media draw. Retailers have been informed by Marvel that something of import is in the offing, over and above the solicitation information, and the books have sold out at distributor level before shipping tomorrow for sale on Wednesday.

Whether that means a spoiler headline in the New York Daily News tomorrow I don't know, but be warned just in case.

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