Kapow: What Is Movie X? – UPDATE: It Was Super

Kapow keenly await the revelation of this afternoon's secret film screening, the quasimythical Movie X.

Last night, I guessed we'd be seeing Woochi: Demon Slayer. Today, I arrive to see handwritten notices telling us that the film in question is an 18 certificate.

So it seems like it will probably be Super. Of course, this will stick in the craw of Sci-Fi London a liitle. They have James Gunn's film programme as their closing gala. I sincerely hope they haven't been stitched up by the distributor.

Other guesses from the queue would have the film be Conan. Is it finished. Does Conan meet Mark Millar's description of a superhero with a silly name and a cape?

I think we're in for Super and its anti-hero The Crimson Bolt. But I'll let you know as soon as I do.

UPDATE: it was Super. It was… interesting. More later.