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Responding to a fan letter in 1963, Stan Lee said that he’d added the Wasp to the Ant Man storyline in an attempt to bolster fan interest.  Does Edgar Wright‘s second draft of the Ant Man movie script include the Wasp, I wonder? What will the new Cloak and Dagger by Nick Spencer and Emma Rios be like? And will DC continue to hold the line? These are the things that have us curious today:

Most-Read Comic Stories Today:

Nick Spencer And Emma Rios To Launch New Cloak And Dagger Series

So here’s another story ripped from the floor of Kapow. Nick Spencer and Emma Rios, new Marvel superstars, are taking over a couple of my own favourite Marvel characters, Cloak And Dagger.

DC And Marvel Basically Tread Water In March 2011 Stats

Both unit share and market share are pretty much the same as in February. Admittedly Marvel had the death of Human Torch and traditionally take advantage of five week months like March over DC, as well as increasing Captain America and Thor books in time fior the movies, but it’s not as if DC hasn’t been busy either with books like The Dark Knight shipping and Unwritten gaining the top spot for graphic novels.. But overall DC has not seen the sales increases on its $2.99 than it might have expected. Of course, Marvel have increased the number of $2.99 books, and without dropping the page count. This is still ongoing…

Rob Granito Makes It To Kapow

Blimey. Well, we know how he got here. but how did he nick it off the Doctor?

Most-Read Film Stories Today:

Ra’s Al Ghul Has Been Cast In The Dark Knight Rises – Can You Guess Who’s Playing Him?

You might consider this unexpected casting to be something of a SPOILER, so I want to warn you plenty up front. Turn back now if feeling delicate about the possibility.

Ant Man Second Draft Delivered Two Days Ago By Edgar Wright And Joe Cornish, Cornish Has Ideas For Attack The Block 2

Asked if the Ant Man script was based on any run of the comics in particular and presented with the example of Robert Kirkman’s run, Cornish said that it’s definitely not Kirkman but wouldn’t say any more. He did clarify that he is a fan of Kirkman, however

Deadpool Has A Director – It’s Debutant Tim Miller

Tim Miller‘s history is in VFX. A quick look at his resume shows that he worked on both of Brian Singer’s X-Men movies, alongside such Bleeding Cool favourites as Babe: Pig in the City, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes.*

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