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Titan, Forbidden Planet and Kapow’s Nick Landau interviewed Mark Millar and Stewart Lee – the rest of the panellists not making it, Frankie Boyle named as someone who “couldn’t be arsed”, though of course this did coincide with the negative newspaper coverage recently. But the back and forth between Mark and Stewart was pretty much as entertaining as it could ever be. And we actually learned a few things.

That Ridley Scott was in the building, scoping out for Prometheus next year, something that was visually confirmed later by Bleeding Cool’s Brendon.

Stewart Lee told us that the new series of his TV show Comedy Vehicle would have both Mothra and Alan Moore in it (starting 4th May at 11.20pm fact fans.

Mark Millar told fans inquiring about Kick Ass 2 that Matthew Vaughn wants a bigger budget for the sequel which means studio funding but that because the film made around a hundred million rather than the hree hundred million that Millar wanted, that’s proved harder to arrange.

He explained that his change at the end of American Jesus from the original Chosen publication was because he’d realised he’d been using buggery too much, so that it had become a crutch. To which Stewart Lee responded “You were ashamed because it had become a cliché, not because it was morally wrong.”

They told us that Sainsburys didn’t carry CLiNT on content grounds but Tesco didn’t care. Stewart Lee says that he boycotted Sainsburys for his own reasons but his partner likes shopping there, so now he eats scotch eggs while shopping there without paying for what he’s eaten…

Mark Millar is expecting a Nemesis movie for next year and want a Nemesis 2 comic to be ready in time for it.

Mark Millar talked about dismissing Orson Scott Card’s version of Ultimate Iron Man who can regrow his arms and legs, as a cheap Spanish cartoon that Stark was watching, and getting Tony Stark to make Ultimate Thor drop his Shakespearian dialogue the first chance he had.

Stewart Lee remembered his own favourite use of such language from the character Valkyrie, in a grim and gritty environ, telling one character, “Dave, Thou Hast AIDS”…

And after Stewart Lee talked about his failed Marvel pitch Agatha Harkness, Princess Of Darkness, Mark Millar told the crowd that Trouble was the worst thing that he’d written, done as a favour, when Marvel asked for a story about Aunt May losing her virginity. For Marvel, I think we can read Bill Jemas.

That’s the book Marvel are reprinting as a hardcover this year of course. I wonder if they’ll use that endorsement on the cover?

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