Kapow In Pictures – Cool As A Cucumber

Jock, with Frank Quitely’s cucumber there.

So, London is having a bit of a San Diegan heat wave. What better time to hold a mini-San Diego Comic Con than London that Kerpow?

Except it isn’t and it wasn’t. Oh there was that moment in the hotel bar where the movie stars walked past the window heading to somewhere swishy… but when it came down to it, Kapow was… a comic con. A really good one. Far from the multimedia hordes, the majority of people here were coming for comics. Strange that this should seem an odd thing.

And I loved it. There was even space for some outdoor reading.

You can see the enormous work that went into the show from the organisers, especially since this was the first event like this they’d ever put on. The venue was pretty perfect and while there were some bottlenecks around the show, for most of the day, traffic moved fairly smoothly. Especially when people were queing for panels in the gallery above.

The Bleeding Cool stall was manned by me, Brendon Connelly and Dodgem Logic cover star Khandie Khisses, starting the day with a necessary boost.

I didn’t wear the hat this time.

But I had some comics to sell! And a Union Flag tablecloth, bunting, flags to help me do it. But all sorts of people came by the booth.

The Justice League Of Pornstar Heroes…

Jon Ronson, writer of such amazing books as Them: Adventures With Extremists and Men Who Stare At Goats (and was thusly played by Ewan McGregor in the movie) with his son Joel, star of the Fans Vs Pros panel, and oft-star of Jon’s Guardian column. For those who have read them, the temptation to point at Joel and shout “Limone!” was hard to resist. He popped by and picked up royal comics, Flying Friar and Watchmensch.

The Fans Vs Pros panel featured another Joe Quesada video which included Tom Brevoort repeating his 30 Rock routine, eating a photo of Mark Millar and Jonathan Ross.But Ross did himself proud by revealing he’s left his script at home with a number of the questions and answers…

There were a fair few DC cosplays on display. With the pose…

And without, but with an interloper instead!

But a little Marvel magic too.

Khandie found herself the subject of artist desires a number of times at the show.

And then there was Bob Wayne, Senior VP of DC Comics – Sales, who seemed also rather taken by our wonderful Khandie. Well, she is a rather impressive force of nature.

There you go. Of course, I couldn’t stay behind my booth all day, so I got out and in it. And there were plenty of signings.

Glenn Fabry with a massing crowd behind him. These signings were professionally organised with least disruption to the rest of the show, unlike vendor table signings where snaking queues for the like of John Romita Jr cut off traffic from tables for quite some time.

From the back that’s Duncan Fegredo, Sean Phillips, David Hine, Shaky Kane and John McCrea.

And from the other side.

Yes, thank you for that.

Mark Millar sneezing his line away…

Paul Cornell stealing the bag from the tiny man behind him.

A space for some chill out.

Simon Bisley and Ian Churchill together again…


Here we all are… somewhere…

Tom Huddleston and Chris Hemsworth there… (honest). My favourite comment was one passing by “Bloody hell, he was only in Home And Away you know…

The hotel bar was rather good as comic convention bars go, with ample staff, ample alcohol, and ample places to seat. It was quite a revelation.

Nice and comfy, More please.

And Brendon Connelly met Brendan McCarthy… hatching plots…

I made my excuses and left, catching a late tube home. Time for bed now, it all starts again in the morning.

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