Kapow – The Marvel Panel

CB Cebulski may have been absent for Pint O'CB, but Nick Lowe, Steve Wacker, Rob Williams and Nick Spencer jumped in. And Joseph Glass told Bleeding Cool;

-Keep an eye on end of Age of X for a possible return of "energy mouth" Chamber (fuck yes!!!!!)

-New 'awesome' character being introduced in Iron Man 2.0 arc featuring Iron Fist and Immortal Weapons guest stars. He was not allowed to say anything more, though did mention they'd just had an amazing character design, but Nick was told not to mention the artist who did it.

-No plans to make Eddie Brock Venom again, but there are Eddie things planned

-Someone asking question about X-Men, he obviously hasn't heard about the upcoming Schism. Schism changes compared to X-Men in 90s and biggest change since SF move and "no more mutants"

-Will FF become Fantastic Four again? Probably. Hickman however pitches his takes on things as "massive 60 issue epics, notes all crazy and detailed due to his design perspective"

-Lowe wants to bring back Pete Wisdom. Because he rocks (Lowe and Wisdom). Lowe misses Captain Britain and MI13 as much as the rest of us. Good to know. They've not forgotten Captain Britain, and classic Cap will be in The Iron Age by @robwilliams71

-This November is 50th anniversary of Fantastic Four and there are big plans, but cannot go into them yet. Many characters 50th anniversary will be celebrated but no news yet.

-There is no answer for how Dracula came back after Captain Britain and MI13 ended, wherein he was clearly slain, nor a reason to explain the redesign. Lowe, who edited the critically acclaimed if low selling series, said he had some 'choice words' about it but that the reason is open to fans for a patented Stan Lee No Prize.

-Contentious Price Point issue is raised again. No one at Marvel wanted to raise the price, but they endeavour to make it worthwhile. Reason for full issues appearing as backups isn't a price hiking scheme rather attempt to get new readers onto lower selling books

-Rob Williams also briefly mentioned working on another secret project, which ties into Fear Itself.

Before the Q&A they had a slide show, but it was just already solicited books, either new or presumably lower selling titles.

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