A Look At Kapow Day One, From My Vantage Point

Kapow day one, by Brendon Connelly aged 38 years and one month.

I didn't spend much time at the Johnstonesque stand today, nor did I spend too long in panels. But some interesting stuff did happen.

First of all, I watched the Pros vs. Fans comic trivia quiz. Jonathan Ross presided over a battle* between three industry figures: Mark Millar, Dave Gibbons and John Romita Jr.; and three fans: Stewart Lee, Joel Ronson, son of Jon, and a girl called Rebecca or Rachel or Riley or something with an R. Probably not Rick or Robert, maybe the unisex Robin. I honestly forget.

She really knew her stuff.

It seemed that I was the only person in the room to know that Sidney J. Furie was the director of Superman IV: The Quest For Peace. Mark Millar was probably the only person in the room to think Richard Fleischer directed Superman 2.

Duncan Jones did a Q&A on the IGN stage and reiterated many of his points about Moon and Source Code that we've been enjoying in his interviews for a while now. Jones did say he was on the Wolverine "hit list", but it doesn't seem to be going anywhere – he's more interested in trying to realise a sci-fi script that he's writing himself. As ever, he came across as honest and candid and just thoroughly decent.

Throughout the day, lots of people were discussing what they thought tomorrow's "Movie X" would be. Scheduled for an early afternoon screening is a mystery movie that Millar has described as a "summer superhero film" featuring a lead character who wears a cape and has a strange name.

Most people seem to assume it's absolutely, definitely Thor. But I'm not so convinced. Here are my reasons why, and my best guess as to what we will be seeing.

The screenings at Kapow seem to be using Blu-ray or DVD technology, or maybe DigiBeta or something a little older like that. I haven't seen any evidence that there's a full, theatrical-style DLP projector tucked away anywhere.

When it was suggested that the screening might take place in one of the nearby cinemas, I went out and checked their screening times for tomorrow. Neither had any gap for a one-off film, let alone at time billed in the Kapow program, so we can forget the possibility of a surprise relocation.

So, I'm thinking it's very unlikely we'll be watching Thor. This would involve Paramount burning it off to a disc, and presenting it in 2D in big halls with fairly high ambient light. Doesn't strike me as likely, or indeed wise.

I think it much more likely that we'll be presented with a title that's soon to be released on DVD or Blu-ray. I suppose there's a good few it could be but my hunch is that it might be Woochi: The Demon Slayer.

You already know he's got a funny name. You can take my word for it that he has a cape, because he does. The film is very soon headed to DVD and Blu-ray here in the UK. But… is he a superhero?

Well, according to the latest press release he is. The e-mail I received was titled "There's a New Superhero In Town".

So that's my guess, on all available evidence. I might be completely wrong and we could all be about to get into a fight for seats to see Thor, but I wouldn't suggest you bet on it.

The best panel of the day, I think, was the Attack the Block one. Contrary to some reports (ahem) only three scenes were screened, not the whole movie, but they went down very well indeed. Director Joe Cornish and stars John Boyega and Luke Treadaway did an on stage Q&A – actually their second of the day, and with the same moderator and many of the same questions, but the first was carried out on the tiny IGN stage.

Two of the clips were the ones we've already seen on Film 2011, etc., but the third one was fresh and went as far as Cornish would allow in teasing his aliens. Much respect for his desire to have them remain surprising for when people see the movie in full.

It was from these two Q&A sessions, in combination, that my previous report was gleaned.

Outside of the Q&A, I did get to have a nice chat with Joe Cornish and found out lots of interesting things you can expect to see form a feature in the not too distant future. He's thoughtful and interesting and his film bears plenty of discussion.

I could sum up most of the rest of the day with a "Meh" if I wanted to. If I were, say, tired or had other things to write or research or was feeling a bit hungry or wanted the loo. So…

Meh. Meh meh meh.

I did spend some time talking to interesting people in the bar afterwards, but those stories are for another time, I'm afraid.

If you're at Kapow tomorrow, do try and say hello. I'll probably be wearing a Bleeding Cool T-shirt just for visibility's sake.

*Yeah, right.