NSFW Trailer For Lars Von Trier's Sci-Fi Film Melancholia - UPDATED With Better Version

NSFW Trailer For Lars Von Trier’s Sci-Fi Film Melancholia – UPDATED With Better Version

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Zentropa have unveiled the first trailer for Lars von Trier‘s “beautiful movie about the end of the world”, Melancholia. The film largely takes place in flashback to the last days of life on Earth as the planet Melancholia approaches on a terrible trajectory.

Alongside some of the director’s previous collaborators, Melancholia also features Kiefer SutherlandKirsten Dunst and Charlotte Rampling.

This trailer is technically NSFW because it seems to feature two shots of a completely naked Kirsten Dunst. Don’t switch to full screen mode, however, and the first is only a half-centimetre across, while the second is angled so that you’ll probably get away with it. Use your own discretion, I suppose.


Glad to see Von Trier is still working through his depression. Or pretending to. You can never quite tell with this chap.

UPDATE: I’ve replaced the video with a better version that has been more accurately framed to represent the film as shot.

Artificial Eye will release Melancholia in the UK on July 1st.

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