Ra's Al Ghul Has Been Cast In The Dark Knight Rises - Can You Guess Who's Playing Him?

Ra’s Al Ghul Has Been Cast In The Dark Knight Rises – Can You Guess Who’s Playing Him?

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You might consider this unexpected casting to be something of a SPOILER, so I want to warn you plenty up front. Turn back now if feeling delicate about the possibility.

It seems that Christopher Nolan and company have written Ra’s Al Ghul into The Dark Knight Rises. Again, another indication of how “circular” the trilogy is going to feel.

The actor selected for the part is… something of a surprise. Look away now if you don’t want to know.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the lucky young man is Josh Pence. Here’s his face:

Here’s not his face.

Pence provided the body for Secondary Winklevoss in The Social Network, in the shots where Armie Hammer needed to interact with “himself”. That’s a really tricky part to play and/or live down, I’d imagine.

He’s also recently filmed roles in Battleship and The Algerian, but I’m sure his Social Network role will be the thing he’s fielding questions about for years to come. Even after being in a Batmovie.

You’ll notice he’s rather younger than Liam Neeson (despite a strong resemblance). As you probably guessed, he’ll be playing the character “in scenes that take place 30 years prior to the present story.” Is that spoiler material?

Well, it’s hard to tell without any more context.

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