Thursday Trending Topics: We Can Interview You Wholesale

Thursday Trending Topics: We Can Interview You Wholesale

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Rob Granito is Charlie Sheen-ish? If he could produce his copy of Action Comics #1 I… still wouldn’t buy into it at all. In the rest of the world, we have Marvel covers, DC renumberings, and the rebirth of Johnny English. Now if they’d only make a Blackadder movie. Until then, there’s this:

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More Marvel Covers For July

Here are a smattering of more covers for July from Marvel, some you’ve seen, most you haven’t. My favourites are the top six…

The Return Of Rob Granito As The New Charlie Sheen

A number of websites report receiving this e-mail from “Alison”, Rob Granito’s wife, representing the man as a kind of Charlie Sheen figure, and offering interviews for three figure sums. But not Bleeding Cool. I wonder why? Here’s the letter in full.

After Flashpoint Every Number Will Change – In A Flash!

Well, Bleeding Cool has been led to understand we can now look forward to a vast renumbering across the entire DC Universe line. Possibly a few consolidations of volumes into one big number, maybe a stunt number here and there, but mostly lot of number ones, across the entire DC Universe.

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today:

Whatever Happened To The Girl Of Tomorrow? – Set Visit To Supergirl: An Extreme Comixxx Parody by Dan Wickline (SFW)

Unless you’re stranded on a deserted island ala Oliver Queen, you’ve heard of the new trend of Superhero based porno parodies. The heroes of our youth poured into the fantasies we never spoke of out loud. But take a moment and type in “Supergirl Naked” into a search engine and you end up with thousands of images ranging from artistic drawings of the character nude to cos-players in and out of skimpy costumes to Photo-shopped pieces of porn-stars made to look like the hero… and there’s a  picture of Steve Erwin. No idea about that last one. The bottom line is ever since Wonder Woman pulled up her bodice, Batgirl squeezed into her tights and Supergirl slid on her red mini-skirt there have been fans wanting to see them out of costume as well.

First Trailer For Johnny English Reborn – UPDATED With New Stills And More

I think it’s fair to say that Rowan Atkinson has got some real comedy chops. By which I mean his rubbery mouth.

Torchwood Now Has Lots Of Guns In It, And The New Promo Trailer Proves This

Up above, a nice image of Captain Jack with a chuffing big gun. Below, the first actual footage from Torchwood: Miracle Day and it’s stuffed to the gills with chuffing big guns.

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