The Crow Is Coming Back, With Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo

The Crow Is Coming Back, With Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo

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It bounced around on the tracking boards for a couple of months, but now the deal has been done and it’s official: 28 Weeks Later and Intacto director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo is to resurrect The Crow.

At the moment there’s no finished screenplay, and according to Variety, Fresnadillo will work one up with an as-yet unappointed scribe. They do say, quite clearly, that this script will be adapted from James O’Barr‘s comics, though as well we know, the adaptation could prove to be very loose indeed.

I bet they keep the make-up, though.

Executive producer Tucker Tooley says:

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo is an incredibly talented and imaginative filmmaker. We are thrilled to have him at the helm… onwhat we all believe will be a compelling and innovative reimagining of The Crow.

Because he would.

Let’s see if the tracking board rumours will correctly pick the star of the film too – thus far they’ve had it pegged as Mark Wahlberg.

Fresnadillo’s next film to see release will be Intruders, a psychological horror film with monsters, toplined by Clive Owen. The trailer is not yet online, but somebody has camcordered a room in which it played on some TV sets, and from time to time, they zoom in pretty close. If that sounds like something you’d want to see, the clips is up at YouTube.

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