Schwarzenegger Considering A Pair Of Crime And Punishment Thrillers

Schwarzenegger Considering A Pair Of Crime And Punishment Thrillers

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It’s not just that nightmarish The Governator thing that Arnold Schwarzenegger has in the pipeline – and he should be very thankful about that. He’s currently weighing up offers to star in a pair of big-screen dramas, one of them focused on crime, the other on punishment.

And no, I don’t mean a pair of documentaries about his time as governor of California. Badda boom, etc.

First up is Last Stand, an English language, bordertown-set “cops vs. cartels” thriller from Jee-woon Kim, director of A Tale of Two Sisters, Bittersweet Life and I Saw the Devil. Schwarzenegger would play a Sherriff who engages in an ongoing battle of wits, and presumably bullets, with a powerful drug runner.

According to Variety, Liam Neeson was considering the role but has now passed. Schwarzenegger has yet to meet Kim, but has already been given an offer on the role, should he want to take it.

Meanwhile, ol’ beefy is also wanted for The Tomb. This one would see him cast as a designer of high-security buildings who gets framed for a crime and, in a twist that will surprise precisely nobody, locked up in a prison of his own devising. Antoine Fuqua is lined up to direct, and has met with Mr. S several times of late. The story is that they’re keen to work together, and it’s more a case of The Tomb getting lined up to fly at the right time than the talent slotting together “creatively”.

I can’t say I’m particularly excited by the prospect of either of those pictures, but certainly Last Stand over The Tomb. And certainly The Tomb over The Governator.

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