New Thor Clip Features That Special Cameo Guest Star I Won't Spoil In The Headline

New Thor Clip Features That Special Cameo Guest Star I Won’t Spoil In The Headline

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This clip from Thor seems to suggest that the special cameo guest star was added to the film so late in the day that they’ve simply been spliced into the film between pre-existing shots, and with no apparent narrative impact. Check it out for yourself, and prepare to drop your jaw in disbelief – unless, of course, you’re frightened of SPOILERS.

Had we not already been told that the special guest star was in this scene, and dressed like that, and were they not holding that particular thing in their hand, I’m pretty sure nobody would have any idea who this was.

Okay. I’m now going to start using their name, so the SPOILERphobic should just click away to another story.

The rest of us can talk about how this blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shot of Hawkeye comes across. Or doesn’t come across. I wonder if that was even Jeremy Renner up there in that little crane box thing. Could have been more or less anybody.

Thankfully, he’s got more to do in the actual film.

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