From Page To Screen: Tomorrow When The War Began

From Page To Screen: Tomorrow When The War Began

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This Friday sees the release of Stuart Beattie‘s film, Tomorrow When The War Began. Sometime Pirates, Collateral and Hal0 screenwrtier Beattie adapted the film’s screenplay himself from John Marsden‘s novel. It’s like an Australian Red Dawn, sort of, with a touch of sci-fi.*

We’ve been given a clip from the film to share, and thought it would be interesting to provide the exact passage in the novel that has been translated into this scene. In the fine tradition of “Oh, no, you’ve got to read the book first”, I’ll lead with the excerpt from the book, then go into the movie.

Suddenly the loud buzzing became a roar. I couldn’t believe how quickly it changed. It was probably because of the high walls of rock that surrounded our campsite. And like black bats screaming out of the sky, blotting out the stars, a V-shaped line of jets raced overhead, very low overhead. Then another, then another, till six lines in all had stormed through the sky above me. Their nose, their speed, their darkness frightened me.

I realised that I was crouching, as though being beaten. I stood up. It seemed that they were gone. The noise faded quickly, till I could no longer hear it. But something remained. The air didn’t seem as clear, as pure. There was a new atmosphere. The sweetness had gone; the sweet burning coldness had been replaced by a new
humidity. I could smell the jet fuel. We’d thought that we were among the first humans to invade this basin, but humans had invaded everything, everywhere. They didn’t have to walk into a place to invade it. Even hell was not immune.

I go back to the sleeping bag and Fi said sleepily: ‘What was that noise?’ It seemed that she was the only one awake, though I could hardly believe it.

‘Planes,’ I said.

‘Mmmm, I thought so,’ she said. ‘Coming back from Commem Day I suppose.’

‘Of course,’ I thought. ‘That’s what it’ll be.’


So, which do you prefer? Or is it just oranges and apples?

*I was told by a publicity person, some time ago, that the series evolved into sci-fi after the first book. I’ll take the word of Little Bleeders over that, though, and if you say it doesn’t, then it doesn’t.

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