First Trailer For Johnny English Reborn – UPDATED With New Stills And More

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I think it’s fair to say that Rowan Atkinson has got some real comedy chops. By which I mean his rubbery mouth.

In truth, there are good reasons he’s one of the UK’s leading comic talents, and Atkinson has shown great talent with physical, verbal, surreal and satirical comedy.

Yep. All of the above. And he was also in Johhny English.

Okay, to be fair, he was still pretty good in it, despite the many shortcomings of the film overall. With a fresh start and a new pass at the character, it’s entirely possible that he could really make it work. Having Hamish McColl as one of the screenwriters will probably help a lot too.

So, you tell me: is the new Johnny English Reborn trailer more Blackadder II than Mr. Bean’s Holiday?

And you can the trailer in better quality it at Yahoo.

UPDATE: The film has a Facebook page, and from it come a series of new images. One is above, three are below with the old, snowy one. And note how the trailer promises the film is “Coming Soon”? The Facebook page says October 7th in the UK.

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