Anthony Horowitz Writing Second Tintin Film, Prisoners Of The Sun? – UPDATED With Second Shred Of Evidence

A new profile of Alex Rider’s creator Anthony Horowitz has him pegged as the scriptwriter for the second Tintin movie. What’s more, they’re saying that the basis for his screenplay will be Prisoners of the Sun.

As a comic, Prisoners was a direct continuation of The Seven Crystal Balls and so it seems that Balls would either have to be incorporated into film two or has somehow already been incorporated into film one.

I’m assuming it’s more likely to become part of the second film, with both books adapted together.

Now, My Suburban Life don’t explain where they got this info from but it seems highly unlikely that they’d have invented it. My guess is that it came from a bio supplied by his agent.

Also note that the film will apparently be:

directed by Peter Jackson and produced by Steven Spielberg and Kathleen Kennedy.

Note that Walker Books, one of Horowitz’ publishers, feature a “Ten Things You Don’t Know” about the author, and these are points one and two:

  • Anthony began writing because he wanted to be like Tintin.
  • He has travelled to all the places in the Tintin books (except the moon).

Adds some credibility to the claim, wouldn’t you say?

UPDATE: and thanks to Little Bleeder brou, we now have the following shred of back up too.

As brou says, there must be an original source for this somewhere.

SECOND UPDATE: And Horowitz has personally confirmed his involvement.